Since 2004, Jupiter 57 imports Italian artisan Panettone and other traditional confectioneries into Singapore, from the most historic Italian brands

Beautiful elegant hampers that "wow" every time

The perfect gift to celebrate the Christmas season with traditional and classic Italian delicacies

Traditional hamper in wooden box

Luxury hamper in blue box

Classy hamper in blue box

Auspicious red basket hamper

Italian rustic hamper

Elegant Italian hamper

In the Italian tradition, Panettone is the sweet bread that is consumed during the Christmas festivities. The classic Panettone contains raisins and candied fruits, but during the past few decades, bakers have experimented with a myriad of variations. At Jupiter 57 we have been carefully selecting only the best Panettone since 2004, and bring them to Singapore for everyone to taste. We also import other traditional Christmas food, such as Pandoro and Torrone.

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